Oja semipermanenta – Constructie – Tips

1525121_564226113658267_1648820740_n1554392_564664330281112_1237350758_n 1604741_578040688943476_2028060685_n 1560766_578040665610145_420016227_n 1536571_577089645705247_1335086055_n 1535631_574196119327933_562456959_n 1526805_571951622885716_1054556313_n 1506879_561510290596516_173861886_n 1507889_565761463504732_119769166_n 996982_546896568724555_746814188_n 1383792_521820547898824_121994726_n 1468638_546197675461111_792579489_n 1471146_547439302003615_806202546_n 1484182_557322434348635_1926148855_n 734457_548028045278074_2103710036_n 378120_196818450399037_537420633_n 305779_181281945286021_1222311554_n

Indiferent de alegerea modelului, de lungimea unghiei, de culoare – unghiile tale pot arata superb atunci cand sunt ingrijite!



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